December 8, 2019

The UK is a dream place for all students who are eager to develop a career at the global level. Now, getting an admission in any of the UK universities are not a difficult task if you have an opulent qualification and language skill. If you meet their requirements, then you can definitely make it up. The requirements they put forth are actually clarifications to analyze your genuineness. Every university in the UK will ask for certain documents, which you should produce at the time of sending an application. If you are planning to apply to any of the UK universities, just keep in mind some important points to have the best time in the UK.


Produce transparent documents to get an unconditional offer letter from any of the UK universities. Mostly, you will be asked to produce copies of qualification certificates, your passport details, experience certificates (if you have ever worked, no matter if it is a part-time job), and now most importantly you have to get at least two letters of recommendation (from teachers who taught you recently or it can be from your employer) and a Statement of purpose.

Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation should be a detailed analysis of your skills and qualification. It is a valued judgement from your teacher. Give your teacher enough time to write it. And ask him/her to describe your skills, academic behaviour and other qualities. It is good if you can mention some examples of your skills to avoid any further clarifications.


Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose plays an important role in deciding your chance of admission to any of the UK universities. A statement of purpose is a reflection of your personality that you put forth in front of the admission committee. Do make sure that it is well written. You should be able to convey your ambition and purpose of coming to UK universities. You should explain well why you chose a particular university, and you should put light on your skills which will benefit your future endeavor to complete your ambition in the UK. 

  1. Identify Suitable Scholarships

A plethora of scholarships is available for international students in the UK. There are partially funded scholarships and fully funded scholarships. Also, there are course-specific scholarships that the selected universities provide and there are other common scholarships that you can apply if you get offer letters from any of the two universities in the UK. 

The information about the scholarships is available on the internet. Make sure that you are updated about the opening and closing times of scholarships. Some of the scholarships start six or seven months before the commencement of course. 

Chevening Scholarship, Common Wealth Scholarship, Hornby Scholarship, Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship, and Great Scholarships are some of the common scholarships that are available for Indian students. Students with good academic skills can easily get any of these scholarships. 


IELTS or English language qualification is very important to pursue your dream of studying abroad. A good IELTS score is an added benefit for your admission. If you don’t have an IELTS certificate then don’t worry, still, you can get a conditional offer letter. You just have to produce the document just one or two months before the course starts.


International students need a tier 4 visa. You will be enrolled visa only after meeting some extra requirements or conditions. Student visas are not issued for a part-time course. For getting a visa you need Confirmation Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a university approved by the UK Visa and Immigration. Also, you should be able to produce evidence of your funding source.


When you reach the UK, just get the UK bank account so that you can keep your money safe and can get out of foreign currency charges. While selecting a bank make sure that it is near to your university campus. Also while selecting a bank to enquire how much interest-free overdraft the bank is offering.


In the case of accommodation, you can go to university accommodation or else you can opt-in shared private rooms. There are plenty of options for accommodations in the UK. You can book your room before your visit through their website.  Now in case of health, international students can get health insurance. The UK has a national health system called the National Health Service. If you have a tier 4 visa then you can enjoy the benefits of NHS. You may be eligible for fee treatments. 


The UK is a student-friendly country where you will find some quality time to spend. You will be able to explore the culture and tradition of people who hail from different part of the world. The UK is known for its cold and wet weather. So always carry warm clothes and an umbrella. The UK gives you the best platform to be independent emotionally and financially. There are a plethora of part-time opportunities for student communities. Students can work 20 hours per week and can earn a good amount of income. If you are opting for a one year course, you may need a minimum of Rs 18 lakh including your tuition fee. So doing a part-time job will help you to manage half of your expenditure. The UK is a place of opportunities. So never miss the chance to study there.


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