frequently asked questions

  • Of course, yes! The applications that reach us earlier have a better chance of securing a cozy apartment in the UK.

  • Yes, you get to choose the type and location of your accommodation. GBS gives you complete freedom to choose your own space from our available homes.

  • While booking, select an apartment that has more than one vacancy. Ask your friend to book a slot in the same room. Rooms will be alotted according to your preferences only, so you need not worry about any last-minute mix-up.

  • Definitely. GBS provides twin, triple and four sharing options to the students. It’s completely your choice depending upon your budget. But if you prefer to stay alone, then we provide 1 BHKs also.

  • GBS looks forward to hosting you and your family as long as all of you have all valid documents. We want you to feel at home with people you love.

  • As long as you have the legal rights to stay in the UK, GBS will be more than happy to host you at our residence.

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